Vent-A-Hood® Range Hoods
General Ventilation


NEVER restrict the duct size. The single blower unit (B100) requires 6" round duct or equivalent (28 square inches), and the dual blower unit (B200) requires 8" round duct or equivalent (50 square inches). When combining multiple duct runs together, the square inch area must reflect the total square inch area of the ducts being combined. The proper method of combining two ducts is shown below.

Do not use flexible or corrugated duct. This type of duct will restrict air flow and reduce performance. Only use smooth galvanized metal duct.

Make the duct run as short and as straight as possible with as few turns as possible. Avoid sharp angled turns. Instead, use smooth gradual turns such as adjustable elbows or 45 degree angled turns. Air must not be restricted at the end of duct run. Do not use screen wire or spring loaded doors on wall louvers or roof jacks. Do not terminate vent into an attic or chimney. The hood must be ducted to the outdoors.