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Vent-A-Hood® Liner Inserts

Vent-A-Hood® liner inserts are mounted inside of decorative wood, plaster, tile or metal hoods. (Plaster or tile hoods are generally made of plywood and covered with plaster or tile.) Note that the only place where the liner insert and the outside cover must meet and fit is at the bottom edge of the metal liner insert, in both width and depth-the height of a liner insert can be much shorter than the height of the decorative hood.

Click here for information on Custom Liner Inserts

Click here to download a short Liner Design Idea Presentation (requires Microsoft PowerPoint).

Wall-mount liner inserts: Vent-A-Hood® gives you a number of options to meet your ventilation needs. The standard ventilation of the BHSLD model is intended for use over standard cooking equipment. The extra size and blower capacity of the BHPSLD model can be used above professional-style cooking equipment.

Island liner inserts: For island hoods, select a Vent-A-Hood® liner insert based on your cooking equipment. Over standard cooking equipment, choose the THSLE model. When you require greater width and depth and larger blower capacity for professional-style cooking equipment, the THPSLE model is available.

Vent-A-Hood® standard liner inserts are unsurpassed because they are shipped to you complete with blowers, lights, switches and canopy and are:

  • » Pre-wired
  • » Pre-assembled
  • » Ready to install
  • » Readily available
  • » Less expensive than custom-made liner inserts
  • » Finished with stainless steel or standard enamel
  • » Equipped with halogen or fluorescent lighting
  • » True Vent-A-Hood®s with the engineering superiority of
  • » Magic Lung® blowers