Vent-A-Hood® Innovation

Vent-A-Hood® has achieved some of the most kitchen ventilation innovative strides in the appliance industry. Miles Woodall Jr. built this manufacturing company based on innovation and hard work, an ethic that has stood the test of time and has led to the nation’s most well-known brand name in the industry.

The constant mission to improve and innovate Vent-A-Hood® products over the years while staying true to the Whisper Quiet Technology of the Magic Lung® has given the pioneering brand a place atop the industry sporting the lowest sone rating in its class.

Meanwhile, making a quieter and more efficient blower wasn’t good enough, because the best products are also a launching pad for improvements. And years later, Vent-A-Hood® debuted its E-Z Clean™ System, improving on the performance and maintenance of the most-desirable washable kitchen ventilation filter.

And the newest revolution for Vent-A-Hood®’s manufacturing strength is its Power Lung Technology, which stands alone in the hood replacement category as the single most efficient stove canopy blower system to go over the standard four-burner cooktop. Once again, Vent-A-Hood has forged ahead in innovative design, consistently making unprecedented advances in kitchen ventilation leveraging decades of industry knowledge.

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