Vent-A-Hood® Products

You don’t have to sacrifice style to enjoy Vent-A-Hood®’s superior technology. Our engineers are as committed to your personal styles as they are to state-of-the-art technology. Work with Vent-A-Hood® and you can find exactly the style that’s right for you, whether it’s one of our standard lines or a special-order range hood designed by you.

Our Premier Magic Lung® line utilizes Vent-A-Hood®'s B-Series and T-Series Centrifugal Blower Technologies. With constant centrifugal grease extraction (99% efficient), it is the quietest ventilation available. In addition, the constant-speed B-Series and T-Series Centrifugal Blowers are designed to keep grease and flames from entering the duct, making it fire safe. Premier Magic Lung® ventilation is perfect for almost any application from standard electric cooktops to Professional-Style ranges.

The Premium Power Lung (V-Line) incorporates Vent-A-Hood®’s K-Series Centrifugal Blower Technology capturing grease, controlling smoke, and containing fire much like the Premier Magic Lung®. With true Active Canopy Engineering, Premium Power Lung ventilation is the perfect fit for standard electric and gas cooking surfaces.

ARS Duct Free ventilation employs Vent-A-Hood®’s K-Series Centrifugal Blower Technology as part of a 4-phase patent-pending process. This process systematically eliminates contaminants, reclaiming the air and returning it clean and fresh into the kitchen.

Budget Line (M Series) ventilation use industrial grade stainless steel baffle filters and M-Series motors for maximum effectiveness. Every Budget Line includes a 4-speed blower control. M-Series motors are sold separately and available in internal 600 CFM and 1200 CFM. Although Premier Magic Lung® B-Series and Premium Power Lung K-Series technologies are superior, we strive to offer solutions that fit every need.

Liner Inserts are available in all Vent-A-Hood® Technologies. Offered in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit most any need.

Remote Blower Systems employ Vent-A-Hood®’s RM-Series motor Technology. Mounted externally (roof or wall), they draw air out.

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