ARS Duct Free

Vent-A-Hood® Air Recovery System (ARS) Duct Free Range Hoods

From the creators of kitchen ventilation comes a new idea in duct-free hoods – the Patented Air Recovery System (ARS). Utilizing a proprietary 4-phase technology, Vent-A-Hood®’s ARS series is ideal for light residential cooking where venting is not possible. They’re powerful, quiet, efficient, easy to maintain, and, because they’re duct-free, they offer unlimited design freedom.

While conventional ductless hoods return contaminants into the kitchen, a duct-free ARS Vent-A-Hood® is in a different class of kitchen ventilation systems. The 4-phase ARS Patent-Pending process systematically eliminates contaminants, reclaiming the air and returning it clean and fresh into the kitchen.

    Phase 1: Active canopy technology effectively captures cooking vapors
    Phase 2: Centrifugal grease extractor removes grease from air stream
    Phase 3: Massive activated carbon bed has 50 times more exposure than conventional ductless hoods
    Phase 4: High efficiency micro-filter uses interception, impaction and diffusion process to capture even minute smoke particles

And because the 4-phase kitchen ventilation process works so well, your home interior, including furnishings and fabrics, stay cleaner and last longer, allowing you to continue cooking and entertaining in your home for years to come.

Like all Vent-A-Hood® systems, the ARS kitchen ventilation is made in the USA and offers the quality, craftsmanship, and performance you’ve come to expect from the company that invented kitchen ventilation. We work hard to live up to our reputation as the most respected name in home ventilation. So, not only do we make sure you get better air, we guarantee you get great value.

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